Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Where does the coffee come from? Its producing area is the main reason for the different coffee flavors. Like red wine or tea, the terroir, climate, and other conditions of an area are the main factors that affect the flavor of the coffee.

Coffee's Journey

Before coffee comes to your cup, you must experience a wonderful coffee journey. Each of these stages will impact the coffee flavor, including the climate of the producing area and other conditions that greatly affect coffee growth.

Almost all coffee in the world is grown on the "coffee belt". The coffee belt circles the earth and falls between the Tropic of Cancer. There are more than 70 coffee-producing countries globally. Each country has a different coffee culture, planting environment, and planting methods, creating different flavors.

Coffee belts can be divided into three major producing regions: Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Just like tea or red wine, the origin of coffee has a great influence on flavor. Each producing area has different growing conditions and processing methods, creating a unique flavor of coffee beans.

Latin American Coffee Beans

Latin American coffee beans are the basis of many classic flavors. Compared with other producing areas, most of the coffee beans come from Latin America because the beans in this producing area have stable quality and flavor. There are many differences in microclimates, changes in altitude, and traditional treatments in the production areas of Latin America. For example, Costa Rica has many famous volcanoes, which also affect its coffee flavor.

So, what is the flavor of Latin American coffee? When you sip, you will feel the flavors of nuts, cocoa, and soft spices.

African Coffee Beans

Africa is the production area of some of the unique coffee beans globally, and this also shows the high quality of coffee beans in Africa. The beans in this producing area often have the most exotic and unique flavors. What's more, Ethiopia is the country of origin of coffee.

When you brew a cup of coffee from Africa, you can feel its full and rich flavor. From citrus to berry, the rich flavor of coffee from Africa can always amaze you.

Asian Coffee Beans

This vast production area often has bold and unique flavors that are rarely seen in other regions. Asian production areas include China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Thailand, and India. This area straddles different climates and topography, thus creating very different coffee flavors.

Are you ready to brew coffee from the Asian region? You will experience a rich flavor with herbs and spices.

The coffee-producing area is the main factor that creates the coffee flavor. When you enjoy your coffee, you might as well see where it comes from! It could be Latin America, Africa, or Asia.

When you drink coffee, try to slowly feel the flavor of the coffee and compare it with its producing area. You will know more about the cup of coffee in your hand and its producing area.