Five Cold Brew Questions You Might Be Embarrassed To Ask

According to related reports, since Starbucks launched cold brew coffee in 2015, the turnover of cold drinks has increased by 20%. The concept of cold brew coffee is actually New Orleans cuisine. Blue Bottle and Stumptown first used it in the early days. Starbucks is actually a rising star.

However, it is indeed Starbucks that brings cold brew coffee to the mass market. There are many coffee shops, such as Dunkin Donuts, which also provide cold brew coffee almost all year round. Because cold brew coffee is easy to store, there are more and more. Cold brews are available in the market.

Although cold brewing is becoming more and more popular and very attractive, consumers still have many doubts about it. What is the difference between cold-brewed coffee and iced coffee? Why is cold brew more expensive?

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Coffee is a very complex beverage. This article takes you to five common problems with cold-brewed coffee:

1. What Is The Difference Between Cold Brew And Iced Coffee?

To put it simply, iced coffee is hot brewed to cool down and presented as a cold drink. Before drinking, you can mix the brewed hot coffee directly with ice cubes or refrigerate it for several hours. Unfortunately, both methods of iced coffee have disadvantages. The former will dilute your coffee, while the latter will never have a fresh flavor after a few hours.

However, cold brew coffee is made by soaking coarsely ground coffee beans in water at room temperature for 6 to 12 hours. This produces coffee mixed with cold water or milk.

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People who like cold brewed coffee say it tastes smoother than iced coffee, and people who don’t like the sour taste will find it easier to drink than hot brewed coffee. (There are even reports claiming that the acidity of cold brewed coffee is 67% less than that of hot brewed coffee.)

2. Why Is Cold Brew So Expensive?

It takes only a few minutes for hot coffee to grind from the original beans to completion, but cold brew coffee needs to be prepared and stored in advance. The store needs to blend the coarsely ground coffee with room temperature water for at least six hours. Once the cold brewed coffee is sold out, it is impossible to continue serving it on the same day because there is not enough time to make a new cold brew.

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In the unpredictable service industry, this is a relatively troublesome problem. In hot weather, a large number of unexpected customers may come to the store like locusts crossing the border. If the store is not large, it may be prepared in advance. The cold brew was quickly wiped out, leaving many people unable to drink cold brew coffee. Therefore, the store will set the price of cold brewed coffee higher than hot coffee because this is a limited supply of drinks.

3. Does Cold Brew Have Higher Caffeine Content Than Hot Coffee?

The caffeine content usually depends on the situation.

When you make coffee with hot water, you will extract more caffeine. Cold brew coffee is usually made with a higher coffee-to-water ratio, which is usually higher than 2~2.5 times, which means that the same amount of cold brew is made. Its concentration is stronger than that of coffee made by traditional methods.

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More complicated is that cold brews are often diluted with the same amount of water or milk, which will reduce the caffeine content of the drink. Cold brew coffee usually has less caffeine content than the same amount of hot coffee. Still, many factors affect the caffeine content, including the origin and recipe of the coffee beans, as well as their roasting method, grinding size, and brewing method.

4. Can I Make Cold Brew By Myself At Home?

Of course, it can, and it's very simple. Just remember to soak your ground the night before you want to drink it. Then, all that is left to do is to filter, pour in and mix with an equal amount of water or milk. No matter how busy you are, just do it beforehand and take a few seconds to enjoy a delicious cold brew.

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5. How Long Can Cold Brew Be Stored In The Refrigerator?

If you make your own cold brew, it is recommended to drink it within 24-48 hours. If you buy ready-made cold brew coffee, they have a different shelf life, which should be based on the merchant's recommendation.

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