The Ideal Temperature For Drinking Coffee

Most coffee drinkers have a preferred drinking temperature. The temperature ranges from hot coffee at 70 or 80 degrees to iced coffee near zero. You can drink it at a temperature that you can tolerate, which means it's all based on personal preference.

But in general, the temperature standards we define are at most hot, hot, cold, and iced. In addition to drinking hot and iced coffee, most people seldom prefer the "middle value" unless it is necessary to do a cup test to evaluate the quality of coffee. Otherwise, fewer people would choose to drink warm, cold, or cold coffee. In this article, we provide some suggestions for you.

The interesting thing about coffee is that you will have different taste feelings when you drink it from hot to warm and cold. Of course, if the coffee itself is of poor quality, roasted, or washed out, it may be from beginning to end. It's hard to drink.

Before discussing the temperature of the coffee, let's first understand the temperature range where coffee is most suitable for brewing.

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Brewing Temperature

The coffee brewing temperature is usually around 90 degrees. Although coffee can be drunk in a wide temperature range, the temperature range suitable for brewing is relatively narrow. If the water temperature exceeds 95 degrees, the bitterness of the coffee may be brewed. If it is lower than 85 degrees, it may lead to insufficient extraction, resulting in coffee may have a stinky sour taste. We recommend that the brewing water temperature be between 88-92 degrees. (The shallower the roasting degree, the higher the brewing water temperature; the darker the roasting degree, the lower the brewing water temperature.)

A constant-temperature electric kettle and thermometer can confirm the water temperature. If there is no related equipment, the water can be boiled and placed for three to five minutes, and it will fall to this temperature range.

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Feel The Heat Of Coffee: 70°C

Basically, coffee at this stage is more difficult to taste. Some people will ask the store to make it hot when ordering coffee. It may be that he wants to drink it slowly, or he has to take it to the company to drink it, or he simply wants to drink it. I like to warm up my body by drinking hot coffee.

Coffee may have the strongest aroma at this time, but it will overwhelm your feelings about coffee because of the high temperature. However, some people still like to drink coffee at this temperature. Even if the human tongue is above 70°C, it is difficult to distinguish the delicate flavor. However, the aroma of coffee will decrease as the temperature decreases. At this time, you can simply smell a cup of coffee. (In professional cups or competitions, the item evaluated at this stage is the aroma.)

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Enjoy The Coffee Flavor: 50-70°C

It is recommended that you drink coffee at this stage. The main flavor that the roaster usually wants to express will be displayed at this stage. Drinking at this time can increase your taste experience. Although most people don't use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the coffee, as long as they don't feel hot, they are almost in this temperature range. (In professional cups or competitions, the items evaluated at this stage are flavor and aftertaste.)

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Taste The Acidity, Sweetness, And Mellowness: 50°C

When the coffee cools below 50 degrees, many people will choose to reheat the coffee, but we strongly do not recommend this because once reheated, the flavor structure of the coffee may be changed. If the coffee drops below this temperature, it is recommended to taste this cup of coffee carefully. At this time, the acidity of the coffee will be brought into play, and the good acidity will turn into a delicious sweetness, which shows the deliciousness of the coffee.

In addition, the coffee at this temperature can still feel its mellowness. Is it light, round, and smooth? (In professional cups or competitions, the items evaluated at this stage are acidity and body thickness)

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What Do You Value When Drinking Coffee?

Good coffee is worth drinking all the way from high temperature to low temperature (such as room temperature). I have also heard that some people not only start drinking from heat but also deliberately let it cool before tasting and examine whether the coffee is the best from roasting and brewing. Status, because when a cup of coffee is defective in the process of making it, it will show more negative taste when it cools down. This is why many people recommend drinking it hot, because you may get bad coffee. Put this kind of coffee. At low temperatures, negative tastes such as medicinal taste, bitterness, and astringency will become more obvious.

At what stage you choose to drink coffee depends on what you value. Do you like the temperature, flavor, sweetness, acidity, or taste of the coffee?


  • Coffee changes from hot to cold, each stage will have a different flavor experience
  • The shallower the baking degree, the higher the brewing water temperature; the deeper the baking degree, the lower the brewing water temperature.
  • It is difficult for human tongues to distinguish delicate flavors above 70°C
  • For coffee with a high temperature above 70°C, it is recommended to smell the coffee aroma
  • 50-70°C, you can enjoy the flavor and aftertaste of coffee
  • It is not recommended to reheat for medium and low temperatures below 50°C. It is advisable to taste the acidity, sweetness, and mellowness of coffee
  • Choose at what stage to drink coffee, depending on which part of the coffee you value is delicious

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