How To Brew Cold Brew Coffee With Aeropress

How To Brew Cold Brew Coffee With Aeropress

AeroPress is one of the representative appliances for specialty coffee. It is not only widely used but also very convenient to use. It is not easy to brew a cup of unpleasant coffee, and it is also easy to experiment and create exclusive brewing recipes.

However, so far, it has mostly been used for hot coffee. That all changed when the Aeropress Company released their cold brew Aeropress coffee recipe, which surprisingly only takes a few minutes to brew.

Cold Brew With Aeropress In Just Two Minutes

Without looking at the brewing equipment, most cold brew coffee recipes will take 12 hours, 24 hours, or even longer. Generally, the brewing of coffee requires heat because heat will accelerate the chemical reaction and increase the flavor and aroma substances extracted from the coffee ground through brewing. Therefore, in order to make up for the insufficient temperature of cold-brewed coffee, it is often necessary to lengthen the brewing time.

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It is worth mentioning that cold brew coffee is often popular for its sweetness and mild taste because some chemicals are not extracted at low temperatures. However, with extended brew times or other means of speeding up extraction, delicious and refreshing cold brews can be made. That's why Aeropress's short soaking cold bubbles are unique.

Brewing from a standard length of time was surprisingly satisfying to me, albeit slightly weaker than a hot brew. Few people have tasted such a small difference. An easy way to make up for this small difference is to use 10% more ground coffee. The standard is one scoop or about 16 grams of coffee beans. So about 17.5 grams of cold-brewed coffee beans can be used.

But instead of using more coffee grounds, we recommend increasing the stirring time. We tried the standard 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes and decided that 1 minute was enough. The stirring difference after more than a minute is minimal. You can also adjust it to your liking.

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In other words, vigorous stirring will increase the efficiency of the extraction, which will shorten the extraction time, which is suitable for you when it is hot, and you want a cold drink right away. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

How To Make Cold Brew With AeroPress

AeroPress is known for its simple operation, no concentric circles, or multi-stage water injection. Just simply add coffee and water, stir and press down. The same is true for cold brewing with Aeropress, but you still have a lot of room to discover the best recipe for your brew.

1. Get The Aeropress Ready

Whether you prefer reverse brewing or positive pressure brewing to use the AeroPress, making cold brew requires first making sure the AeroPress is clean and dry.

Then put the filter paper in the lid. You can soak the filter paper with hot water first, which will help the filter paper to adhere to the filter and remove the smell of paper. Some people also experiment with double-layer filter paper or metal filters for brewing. The metal filter allows the coffee oil to pass through, thus creating a thicker taste and more environmentally friendly. The filter paper creates a cleaner and lighter taste because the filter paper absorbs the oil from the coffee.

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2. Prepare The Coffee Grounds And Add It To The Chamber

The beauty of AeroPress is its versatility. You can use it to brew a wide variety of coffees and experiment with recipes using different grind sizes, steeping times, and coffee to water ratios. The AeroPress is suitable for any form of coffee. The most popular of which is medium roast coffee, but you can also decide which coffee to use if you prefer.

Alan says, "I prefer a mid-roast Yirgacheffe, and that's probably Guatemalan coffee."

Although AeroPress is so flexible, there are still some guidelines for reference. Cold brew coffee is suitable for fine grinding. If it is generally brewed with hot water, if it is ground finely, it will accelerate the flavor and aroma. Therefore, it is recommended to use a coarser grind to accommodate longer soaking.

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Although using hot water for brewing, be careful not to grind too coarsely, using positive pressure brewing will allow too much water to flow over the coffee floor before pressing down. If more than 3mm of water runs down before stirring, you may need to grind a little or add a little more coffee. He explained that a lot of dripping water before pressing down could reduce the extraction rate, and some people allow even less water to flow down. Still, the authors looked at this and determined that a difference of less than 3mm was not significantly reduced.

Coffee ground is another variable you should consider. The standard is to use 16 grams of coffee ground. If you want to experiment, start with this amount and adjust slowly until you find your favorite recipe. Even if you don't expect them to work, you should try them out. That's what is discovering a new way of things.

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3. Add Water

According to the official formula provided by Aeropress, standard Aeropress coffee is brewed with 80-degree hot water, and the coffee ground needs to be stirred for about ten seconds before pressing down.

When making cold brew, first add room temperature water to the AeroPress No. 2 mark (about 130g water), some people prefer to use filtered water because the slight minerals in these waters can affect the speed of extraction.

This water creates the strength of the coffee and is an important base for cold brew coffee. "Make a strong coffee first and then add water to create a smooth mouthfeel, and then press down the rest of the water," says Alan.

Remember to add water and stir for a minute, don't be lazy and skip this step, or your coffee will taste weak.

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4. Press Down

Alan suggested: "Light pressure will actually make it easier for you to press because if you press hard, it will block the coffee particles and make you need to work harder. If you feel that the resistance is too large for you to press down, you can Pause for ten seconds before pressing."

Once you are done pressing down, you can push the coffee floor away from the AeroPress and clean the utensils.

5. Add Water Again

Now that you have a very strong cup of coffee add some cold or ice water to bring the total to 240ml. If you don't have ice water or ice cubes, room temperature water will work just as well, and filtered, boiled water must be used here as well.

In hot weather, few things are as refreshing as a cold brew. With this Aloha Press recipe, you can skip the 24-hour brewing time and start sipping your coffee in less time than it takes for an electric kettle to boil. Just be sure to use a fine grind and stir well before pressing.

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