What Is Civet Coffee

What Is Civet Coffee

Civet has also appeared in the ears of people who do not drink coffee. Before the appearance of geisha coffee, the most expensive and expensive coffee was always civet coffee, but in this coffee industry chain, how are coffee beans produced? , After reading the article, you may think more about this coffee, is it worth drinking?


Civet is "Luwak" in Indonesian. It is a wild arboreal animal. There are also civet cats in Taiwan, but they are not the same biological subfamily. They are close relatives. They look like cats and civet cats. Black, white, and gray hair are intertwined, and innocent eyes are quite endearing.

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The range of activity is below 2000 meters above sea level, so most wild civets eat Robusta beans instead of better quality Arabica beans. Civets are actually very good at picking coffee beans. They are nocturnal animals. At night, relying on a keen sense of smell, it can determine the sweetest and plump coffee cherries in the coffee tree. After passing through the cat's digestive tract, the fruit is partially decomposed by intestinal enzymes, and the coffee beans are excreted through the feces. "Cat shit coffee". Special intestinal enzymes make coffee beans unique in flavor and rich in flavor. In the eyes of many people, they are very smooth coffee, but some people still don't like coffee beans produced in this way.

Civets are actually omnivorous creatures. They do not only survive by eating coffee fruits. They eat bananas or many tropical fruits, as well as small animals such as bugs and snails. Such a variety of foods can maintain the balance and health of the body and the production of intestinal enzymes. It's normal; like a human being, you can't survive just by eating apples every day.

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Civet Coffee - The Gift Of Nature Or The Greed Of Human

Musk coffee is made by roasting and roasting coffee beans that cannot be decomposed in cat feces. It is Kopi Luwak in Indonesian and Civet Coffee in English. Similar to Vietnamese mink coffee, it is also decomposed and mixed by special enzymes in the organism. The coffee beans cannot be digested and excreted through the feces, and then collected by the coffee farmers and then brewed into the cup through actions such as drying, washing, and roasting.

The History

Historically, why would anyone find coffee from feces? This is puzzling, but through the historical records, the reasons and the people who made these discoveries were found.

In the age of sailing, European powers wanted to acquire more land around the world. Taiwan was once an island colonized by the Dutch and the Spaniards, while the island of the civet cat - Indonesia was also occupied by the Dutch and even established. At that time, the so-called "East India Company" was a government agency with very great power.

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Under the threat of force, Indonesian farmers became cheap laborers of the Dutch. They planted spices in the early days and coffee in the middle and late stages. Indonesian crops in the tropics were very popular in Europe, so the Netherlands made a lot of money. In the age of sailing, which country did not treat the locals like this? Many European countries have laid a certain foundation at that time, and now they may only know that their ancestors are powerful all over the world, and they must be led by them.

However, farmers have never drank the coffee they have grown. This problem still exists today. At that time, farmers did not dare to pick crops without authorization. If they were found, they would be severely punished, but their curiosity would not stop. When some people found that coffee beans were left in the civet feces, and they tasted very good after being processed, it seemed that they could understand why the Western world loved coffee so much, and even the ones picked up from animal feces tasted so good.

The good times don't last long. After being known by the Dutch, collecting civet coffee has also become one of the new jobs, and I can no longer drink that special taste of coffee.

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Current Situation - Full Of Fakes, Cruelty To Animals

80% of civet coffees on the market today are not what they used to be.

How do you say this? Most of today's civet coffee has been raised, not wild civet cats. The way of raising is to force-feed coffee beans of unknown quality every day and keep them in small cages. As nocturnal animals, civet cats are not like being locked up, and it can be extremely stressful for them. In addition to only being fed coffee beans, it has a very bad effect on their nutrition, remember? Delicious coffee beans must be decomposed by healthy digestive enzymes. Wild animals are very happy foraging. When it becomes a caged cat, how can the coffee beans produced by unhappy cats taste good?

The Specialty Coffee Association of America stated that "there is a consensus in the coffee industry that this kind of coffee tastes very bad. This processing method makes the coffee taste weaker and loses the sour and sweet taste that it should have." However, the taste is quite subjective. Some people think that this bland taste is delicious.

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Tony Wild, a businessman who introduced coffee to Europe, mentioned in the British Guardian column that these stressed civet cats shook their heads every day and even bit their legs, causing bleeding and even death. Just imagine that a cup of coffee will make such a large human unable to sleep, not to mention the civet, who is forced to force-feed so many coffee beans every day. The excitement and anxiety make the civet life worse than death.

Buying And Selling - Expensive, Refuse To Buy

There are not many institutions in the world that dare to certify civet coffee because the risk is too high. Although wild civet coffee is delicious, the quantity is very small, and it is also precious and expensive. Just like pet sales, there is no breeding ground without purchase. When everyone is crazy about raising a certain kind of dog, there will be a breeding ground for special breeding because there is a profit, but the methods are usually inhumane; the same is true for the civet cat.

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As long as there are people who are obsessed with and buy civet coffee, even if they buy real wild coffee beans, this will only accelerate the investment of more people in this industry. More people will keep more civet cats, forcing them to eat Low-grade coffee beans. After roasting, no one can tell whether it is wild or farmed civet coffee from the appearance, so various media in the world have called for not to try to buy civet coffee again.

Conclusion: Rethinking The Coffee Industry

The civet feces may not have been traded today without being discovered, and when we discuss the production process, whether we are humane and friendly to these animals is also one of the key points; on the other side, we see farmers who grow coffee, or many people don't know that the coffee they grow is so delicious. There are many facts and dilemmas in the coffee industry that can't be changed for a while, but coffee is so fascinating, right?

As a coffee fan, do you want to know more about coffee?