Is Pre Ground Coffee Better Than Freshly Ground Coffee?

Is Pre Ground Coffee Better Than Freshly Ground Coffee?

When you are introduced to fine coffee, you are sure to hear a few rules of thumb. One of them is to always use freshly ground coffee rather than pre-ground coffee. But is this true?

Let's take a look at the difference between ground coffee and fresh ground coffee.

Reasons To Avoid Pre Ground Coffee

Why on earth do you want to grind coffee? The purpose is to increase the surface area of mature coffee beans, so as to promote better flavor and aroma in extracted coffee. If we throw the whole coffee bean into the water, it will only make a liquid as light as water and lack of aroma.

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Grinding means that the coffee ground is exposed to water to a greater extent, which enables the substances in coffee to be quickly dissolved in water, so as to achieve the purpose of extraction. If you understand the basis of extraction, you can know the advantages and disadvantages of pre ground coffee.

When the coffee is ground into powder, it will greatly increase the surface area and make the coffee more exposed to the air.

Coffee exposed to oxygen will exhaust, which means that the coffee will release the gas generated in the baking process. Exhaust is very important to avoid insufficient coffee extraction and bubbles. Grinding accelerates the exhaust. The longer coffee is ground and exposed to the air, the more flavor and aroma will be lost. When all the air is discharged from the coffee floor, the brewed coffee will be very insipid.

Likewise, the coffee ground is more susceptible to moisture. When coffee beans are damp, this affects the oil and flavour.

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The surface area is also the reason why fine ground coffee loses its flavor faster than coarse ground coffee.

Coffee that has lost oil and aroma is not good to drink, which is why pre ground coffee is not well evaluated. Why do you want to take a well roasted high-quality coffee bean, grind it into powder and expose it to the air, wasting its flavor?

Comparing pre ground coffee with freshly ground coffee, you will find that the aroma and acid richness of the brewed coffee will be much worse.

Can You Keep The Freshness Of Pre Ground Coffee?

Is there any way to stop the decay of coffee flavor? Not really. But we can slow down the rate of decay in some ways.

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The recommended method for preserving coffee beans also applies to preserving coffee grounds. The most important key is to minimize contact with external environmental factors, including oxygen, high temperature, light, etc.

The method is actually very simple. The best way to preserve the coffee ground is to place it in a vacuum, sealed, and light tight container. Avoid placing it in the refrigerator. After all, extreme changes in temperature and humidity are not conducive to maintaining coffee flavor.

Is Freshly Ground Coffee Always Good?

It's one thing to minimize the decay of flavor, but is it always good to grind each cup of coffee fresh? Usually good, but not for every situation.

When we grind, the coffee beans will become fragrant particles. However, if we use a blade grinder or a poor quality grinder, inconsistent grinding results will be obtained, forming many coffee grounds of different sizes and shapes.

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The inconsistent coffee ground will bring inconsistent extraction. At this point, let's look at extraction. The substances in coffee beans will be dissolved into the water at different rates. The first thing extracted is acid, then sweet, and finally bitter. When you brew, you always want to get a cup of coffee with a balanced flavor.

The coffee ground with the same brewing and grinding can be expected to be extracted in the same state, which allows you to more effectively master the flavor and aroma.

When coffee grounds with inconsistent grinding are used for brewing, the extraction speed of some grounds will be faster, resulting in the problem of over extraction. Basically, it is impossible to master the brewing results, let alone reproduce a cup of delicious coffee with these randomly sized grounds.

The poor quality grinder will also easily produce fine ground, which will lead to rapid extraction and bitter taste caused by over extraction. It may also grind out the coffee ground with coarse particles, resulting in insufficient extraction and a sour smell.

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Having a reliable grinder is the key to making a good cup of coffee. The first is good quality coffee, followed by a grinder that can grind beans of the right quality.

If you are trying to improve the flavor of your coffee, check your grinder first. Is the ground powder stable enough? If it is impossible to grind stably and replace the machine, you can separate these unevenly ground particles through the screen.

When The Pre Ground Coffee Can Be Better

When you can't grind with a good grinder, it may be better to use pre ground coffee. Your company or the store near your home may have a very good quality bean grinder. Maybe you can consider buying beans in this store and ask the store to grind them into powder.

If you only buy a small amount at a time and keep the pre ground powder well, the coffee you make may be better than your own freshly ground and brewed coffee.

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Compare the ground that has been ground for a week with the ground that has been freshly ground with a cheap blade grinder. As a result, the coffee from the pre ground is better,

This is a surprising result. I was convinced that even freshly ground coffee with a poor grinder can outperform the flavor of pre ground coffee. But the flavor of these pre ground coffees is still good. According to my past experience, the pre ground coffee ground either has a complete decline in flavor or is inferior to the ground ground ground ground by the blade grinder.

It may sound against common sense, but I would prefer to use the ground with a good grinder for pre grinding rather than the ground with a blade grinder for on-site grinding.

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However, it should be remembered that the finer the ground is ground, the faster the decay rate will be. If you want to pre grind the coffee ground and store it, coarse grinding will be a better choice.

It may sound reasonable that freshly ground coffee grounds are better than pre ground coffee grounds, but only if the same grade of grinder is used. If you don't have a good grinder, you'd better ask the store to grind it for you.

You can compare the flavor of two cups of coffee by yourself. One is made of freshly ground coffee and the other is made of pre ground coffee. You may be surprised by the difference.

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