Test Water Quality And Pursue Excellence In Coffee

Test Water Quality And Pursue Excellence In Coffee

Early in the morning, I watch the drip of coffee slowly drip into the pot. At the same time, I count this cup of coffee towards my daily consumption. After all, a cup of coffee is almost 98% water. This also means that the water used for brewing has a big impact on the quality and flavour of the coffee. If you want to make great tasting coffee, you should use the right kind of water.

TDS And Ppm - Why Water Is Different

Water is usually not only water but also contains total dissolved solids (TDS), i.e. organic matter and fine minerals. These substances pass through the soil, water purification plant, or water supply system and end up in the water, affecting the final cup.

What coffee do you like, cappuccino, matcha, or latte? Do you know the difference between a cappuccino, matcha, or a latte?

However, they affect coffee to varying degrees and in different ways, depending on the composition and ppm of the substances in the water. Common substances include bicarbonate, calcium, and magnesium, which can greatly affect the flavour and taste of coffee. Bicarbonate, for example, regulates the acidity of the coffee and makes the flavour mild. If the concentration is wrong, the coffee may taste very weak and b not like coffee.

When drinking water, it is difficult to taste the difference in TDS content. However, when brewing coffee with water, we can clearly distinguish the difference between water by the taste and aroma of the finished coffee. The wide range of minerals not only affects the taste of the coffee but also the extraction process.

If the water quality is unstable, coffee of the same quality cannot be produced. When the water quality is unsatisfactory, only mediocre coffee can be produced. Only the most appropriate water can produce high-quality coffee. But what is the most appropriate water?

The roast date of the coffee is important and can be used to determine if the coffee is fresh. But as a coffee lover, do you know how to judge if coffee beans are fresh without a roast date?

Detecting Different Kinds Of Water

In order to find the extraordinary drip coffee, after testing many kinds of water, the most suitable water must have a mineral content of 75 to 180 ppm.

Compare the aroma and taste of coffee in the following water sources: homemade, filtered, and tap water. The only variable in brewing the three types of coffee was water, all other conditions being equal.

What were the results? The coffee brewed with homemade water was full-bodied and purely acidic, with no obvious drawbacks. The filtered water gave the coffee a strong acidic flavour. The coffee made with homemade water was really not good, there is no way to describe exactly how it tasted, it was just hard to drink.

Similarly, the fourth coffee is brewed with normal bottled water, but that water contains a high level of bicarbonate, so the aroma of the coffee is lost and the flavour suffers.

In other words, water is important, but we may not always use the most appropriate water.

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Does The Most Appropriate Water Exist?

If you want to make better coffee with good quality water, but don't want to test so many kinds of water. Good news! The World Association of Fine Coffee publishes water reference standards.

The water used for coffee extraction should be clean and odourless. The calcium carbonate content should be between 50-175 ppm, the alkalinity between 40-75 ppm, and the pH between 6-8. But is it easy to meet all the conditions? The quality of tap water varies from region to region and can change from day to day. The quality of bottled water is more consistent, but the composition of each brand of water is not always the same.

Although magnesium rich water is still advocated, it is impossible to find water with perfect ingredients and always make every coffee full of flavor.

So you may not always be able to use the most suitable water every time, but you can improve the brewing water quality by following the above reference criteria.

Is there really a difference between the water used to brew drip coffee and the water used for espresso?

Would you like to add some extra delicious things to your daily cup, such as chocolate, nuts, milk, etc?

Is The Water Used To Make Espresso And Drip Coffee The Same?

Pour-over coffee brings out the various aromas and flavours of the beans significantly, but the aromas and flavours of espresso may not be as pronounced, especially in a cappuccino or latte, as the milk can further affect the taste of the coffee.

Every variable in the brewing process is complex and varies from barista to barista. The purpose of brewing drip coffee with homemade water is to amplify the nuances of the coffee.

The Secret Of Making Coffee

In addition to PPS and bicarbonate, we have also talked about many other water quality standards, but what water should be used for actual boiling?

Remember, the mineral composition of bottled water varies from brand to brand, and tap water varies from region to region.

Pay attention to the water you drink, and contact the bottler (water company) to get the ingredients of clean water. After knowing your own water for boiling, you will know what can be improved.

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If you love coffee but don't want to rely on "self-made water" to make good coffee, you can compare the ingredients on the mineral water package with the reference standards of the world fine coffee association, brew the same kind of coffee with different brands of water, and then choose your own favorite water. You can also observe which kinds of coffee are suitable for different brands of water.

When making coffee, we will consider the origin, processing method, and roasting depth of coffee, and record the grinding thickness and brewing time, so why not pay more attention to the water?

Water has a great influence on the flavor of the coffee. Just a little test and comparison can lead to the most diverse and delicate flavor and smell of coffee according to the test results.

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