Why Does Coffee Need Degassing?

Why Does Coffee Need Degassing?

Many coffee beginners have heard that to degas the beans, they need to be stored in one-way valve bags or one-way valve tanks. It is true that these operations result in a better flavour of the coffee beans, as beans produced by different countries and estates have different characteristics that make the time for degassing vary. This article will take you through what degassing is.

Carbon Dioxide - The Breathing Of Coffee Beans

Take drip coffee as an example. When hot water is added for steaming, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be released, causing the feeling that coffee beans are 'breathing', which is also the standard for many people to judge whether a cup of drip coffee is "fresh enough"; Espresso crema is also covered by carbon dioxide and thin foam, so there will be a beautiful layer of klingma crema when the coffee beans fresh enough are brewed. When drinking espresso, you can observe the freshness of the coffee brewed by the store. Crimson and ochre crema represent that the coffee is still very fresh, while golden yellow, although beautiful, is not so fresh.

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The fresher the coffee is roasted, the more carbon dioxide it contains. But if you have to go to a coffee shop to replenish it in two or three days, it may be impractical and troublesome. Coffee beans are very noble products, which are easily affected by humidity, oxygen, light source, or hot temperature. The best way to preserve them is in a cool and dry place, and it is the most difficult to eliminate the air, not to mention the humid air in Taiwan.

One way vent valve - a good partner for prolonging the preservation of coffee and degassing

It would be great if we could keep the air out!

Yes, the one-way vent valve achieves this effect. The coffee bean bag / can with the one-way vent valve will sink the carbon dioxide released by the coffee beans, and then squeeze the lighter oxygen and nitrogen out of the bag/can. Just like the cut apple will turn yellow when it meets with oxygen, and the coffee beans will also begin to change qualitatively when they meet with oxygen. In order to prevent these qualitative factors, it is the right choice to use the packaging with a one-way ventilation valve, while the coffee Hunter uses the packaging with a one-way ventilation valve when he ships!

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Nitrogen Filling

Many food packages are filled with nitrogen, which can eliminate the contact between food and oxygen and prolong the service life; Coffee beans are also OK. Coffee beans sold in illy will be packed with nitrogen to extend the term of coffee beans.

Degassing Method

Roasting - The Essential Process For Coffee Beans

The roasting degree is divided into very shallow, shallow, medium, medium deep, deep, and so on. According to the planting manor and country of coffee beans, there will be different treatment methods, which all depend on professional roasters and experience. There are also different methods in direct fire, semi direct fire, or hot air, and the topic of roasting beans is too large. The discussion may take up the whole article, and a follow-up introduction will be made.

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Degassing Time

At the beginning of their study, some coffee players thought that the coffee beans roasted yesterday could get the freshest flavor by boiling and drinking immediately today. When boiling, they found that the taste was not as good as expected, and even doubted whether there was a problem with their own technology. They didn't find it getting better until they tried for two weeks, but the batch of coffee beans also bottomed out. This means that they have not degassed the beans, but are unable to cook them to their best, a small mistake that many novices make, but how do you know what is a better flavour without trying?

Coffee beans are like living people. People inhale oxygen to cause cell oxidation, which is also a process of aging. The freshly roasted coffee is too immature and has not reached the most mature stage.

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After all, why did this happen? Because the flavor composition of roasted coffee beans has been roughly determined, many people attribute the deterioration of coffee beans to the fact that coffee beans are changing every day, but as mentioned earlier, everything will slightly deteriorate after oxidation, affecting the taste. Maybe there is no such fine taste feeling on apples, but coffee will obviously feel the change of taste. The freshly roasted coffee beans will release a large amount of aroma factors and carbon dioxide, which will be released through the small holes through the roasted coffee beans. When grinding, these carbon dioxide will run out, but in the process of boiling, it will eliminate the contact between powder and water, resulting in insufficient flavor extraction. Over time, the layer of carbon dioxide gets thinner, the contact area gets larger and the coffee gets tastier, so many people do not refer to degassing as degassing, but rather as the process of venting and outgassing.

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The Best Tasting Period Has Passed

You will have a question: will it smell good if I put all the carbon dioxide away?

Don't forget, with time, aromatic factors are also constantly lost. When you put it at that time, the coffee you brewed may only have a bitter taste and the sour and sweet taste that should have been put away by you. Degassing is a better choice according to the degree of roasting or the suggestions of the store. In addition, it is also suggested that the coffee beans below can also breathe through the top through shaking during the degassing process.

At the moment when the coffee beans are roasted, he begins to count down his tasting period. After the degassing period, there are about two weeks to drink, just like the two-week calculation of the coffee Hunter service. In the best taste period, it may cause the oil out of coffee beans. In fact, it is normal, but it is also a small warning, that is, the flavor of coffee beans is about to accelerate decline. It reminds you that you need to finish boiling quickly, so as not to waste delicious coffee beans!

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General degassing time? How to distinguish according to roasting degree

In fact, there is no specific schedule for degassing, which can only be based on experience or suggestions given by roasters.

The degassing time of very shallow roasting is suggested to be 14 days; Lightly roasted in 10 days; Medium roasted in 7 days; Medium deep roasting takes 4 to 5 days, and the general recommended degassing time is as above. Because in the hand brewed single product coffee, the coffee can be enough to wake up when steaming. If it is Espresso beans, the degassing time is generally 21 days, but the coffee beans for business use do not have so much time to grow, so it will accelerate the degassing under contact with the air so that the coffee beans can reach the smooth stage. If brewed too early, it may cause discomfort and throat blockage.

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Degassing is a necessary process. There is a lot of knowledge about coffee beans. It is not easy to drink a cup of good coffee. By mastering degassing after roasting, appliance purchase, and most important grinding beans, you can brew a cup of good coffee at home. I hope you like this article. If you want to buy coffee beans, we coffee hunters provide different coffee beans every two weeks. Go to the homepage of the official website to learn more!

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