List Of Essential Equipment For Drip Coffee Beginners

List Of Essential Equipment For Drip Coffee Beginners

"I'm new to drip coffee and looking for an easy-to-follow coffee brewing device, but I'm not familiar with any brands and am afraid of making the wrong decision."

"I bought coffee beans and wanted to make coffee myself, but I don't know how to start... What kind of utensils do I have to prepare?"

Here we will show you to prepare five utensils to cook a good cup of coffee. Novices can also simply get started:

If you have any coffee brewing questions, you can join the coffee brewing online discussion with other coffee lovers.

1. Grinder

Select the appropriate grinder with the following emphasis:

  • a. Grinding thickness can be adjusted
  • b. Can be cut and ground evenly
  • c. Not susceptible to heat

According to the key points selected by the above three grinders, it is recommended not to buy blade-style grinders (apart from the inability to accurately adjust the grinding thickness, it will also generate heat during operation, thereby destroying the quality of coffee beans.

In addition, turn on the power supply of the grinders, let the grinders run before dropping the coffee beans and grinding, or put the coffee beans into the power supply of the grinders before grinding the beans.

As a coffee lover, you must have purchased coffee. Do you know what the role of holes in the coffee bags is?

2. Scale

A scale weighing 0.1 grams of coffee beans can be accurately measured. (If a scale is available, it is not recommended to use a spoon or bean spoon to measure, the size of the beans will vary, affecting the total weight of the beans per spoon, resulting in an error in extraction, volume ≠ weight)

Use the scale to see the amount of water injected so that the water injection is no longer felt and the actual coffee beans weight and water volume are maintained at the expected value (powder ratio).

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And friends who want to be more precise can be weighed instead of weighing. because of the weight of the beans after grinding, There may be a slight weight error resulting from residual powder in the bean grinder. Pre-scales like coffee beans that require a little more powder, Grinding and weighing the powder can minimize the possible error.

3. Filter Cup

The filter can be divided into trapezoidal and tapered filters, which can be cooked with filter paper, metal filter mesh, or filter cloth.

And we recommend Smart Cup because the cooking process is simple and requires no special skill, easy to operate, and easy to clean and maintain. Combined with the concept of flushing + soaking, water is injected and then soaked, using smart filters can present the original appearance of coffee.

As a coffee fan, do you know what the definition of coffee is? Or what exactly is coffee? Coffee is a drink brewed by roasting and grinding coffee beans. One of the world's three most popular beverages, cocoa and tea are among the most popular in the world.

However, there is a difference in taste between using filter paper and metal filter. The filter paper is refreshing and sweet, while the filter retains the lubricating flavor of coffee grease but the turbidity is higher.

Using filter paper It is recommended to soak the filter paper with hot water first to remove the paper flavor, make the coffee flavor better, and opt for bleaching filter paper if you are concerned about the excessive influence of the paper flavor on the coffee flavor.

4. Dripper

Here we recommend a thermally controllable hand flask. According to personal habit, can choose different weight handflask, such as women can choose 600cc capacity handflask, well grasp the flow stability.

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In addition, the difference of the spout and the material of the hand punch can affect the water output, flow speed, temperature retention, and thermal conductivity. Use the appropriate hand flask to control the flow so that the water can be evenly mixed with the coffee powder.

5. Thermometer/Timer

Thermometer: If there is no temperature control function in the hand punch, It is recommended to use an electronic thermometer to plug in the water in the hand punch pot. to see the current water temperature, which is a big change in coffee brewing. If the water temperature is too high, it may release the bitter and astringent taste of coffee. If the water temperature is too low, it will not show the coffee flavor and the extraction is insufficient.

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At least 2/3 of the entire thermometer can be dipped into ice water with ice cubes, which is accurate if shown at zero degrees.

Timer: If the scale does not have a timekeeping function, a timer is required to record each point in the time of flushing, including the start of water injection, steaming, stirring point, drop point, stop extraction time, etc. (Mobile phones should now have a timing function.)

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