What Can The Roasting Date Of Coffee Beans Tell You?

What Can The Roasting Date Of Coffee Beans Tell You?

Some say the roasting date of coffee beans represents everything, but want freshly roasted coffee, but do not know how to be fresh.

Definition of fresh and delicious, this article answers the impact of the roasting date on coffee.

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Roasting Dates Don't Mean Everything

First of all, we have to clarify a few things. We discuss the roasting date here, which does not mean that good coffee can be found through the roasting date. When you buy food, you'll find the freshness period, and of course, the best taste period. You can have some visual and cosmetic clues: stiffened buttercorns, bruised onions, and reddish gills, but to know if the food is good, you'll need to cook it for taste.

The same principle can be applied to coffee. Don't judge the beans just because of the roasting date. At least you need to open the coffee bag to assess and have the chance to taste the coffee, but why doesn't the roasting date mean everything? Let's see why we can say that.

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What Does It Mean To Be Fresh?

If you are a business person, you must have heard this sentence many times. Many people who read the article may also have asked the question: Are you going to buy a gift or will you drink it in a week?

It is often recommended to choose coffee beans for 4-7 days after roasting, which is usually defined as fresh beans, but when asked, they often say impatiently or even rudely: I'm looking for coffee that was just roasted yesterday or today.

Some claim that coffee takes only 24 hours to raise beans and that the third day is the peak of flavor, but that time is not enough.

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When Is Coffee Best For Drinking After Roasting?

Buying coffee beans, like buying bread, is enough for one week. Find the best time to enjoy coffee (peak flavor) and push back from the coffee you want to start drinking first, which will help you find the perfect roasting date for three to five days around that date.

Usually, if you want to buy coffee immediately, the authors think it's best 8-21 days after roasting. However, the store must ensure that the bean dryer or barista uses the beans during the peak of the coffee bean flavor.

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Why Do People Feel As Fresh As Possible?

On the false notion that the fresher the better, the authors believe that the third wave of coffee is because the bean dryer educates consumers and then harms themselves. Yes, you're right.

When the third wave of coffee first emerged in Singapore, boutique bean roasters tried to separate themselves from commercial bean roasters, with slogans such as' Small Amount Roasting 'and' See Roasting Date Instead of Valid Date '. Although we have since reduced the emphasis on freshness and labeled coffee bags as preferable to making coffee within a month of the roasting date, the more fresh the better, the idea is deeply rooted.

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How Long Does Coffee Stand For Too Long?

This is a very subjective topic, with many professional bean roasters setting an average lifespan for coffee beans, among which there are too many variables we can't grasp, and the authors have made the shallower roasted coffee into concentrations to compare A month's coffee tastes as good as a two-week's coffee, but there's also coffee that has been roasted for only 11 days but has lost its flavour.

Why are there so many variables? Coffee affects itself, and the bean dryer's approach changes the characteristics of coffee, resulting in different peak or average life expectancies. With some bean-roasting techniques, coffee can reach its peak from the 14th to the 30th day after roasting, so it's hard to tell until you taste it. When you have questions, ask a barista or bean dryer who will give you the best advice for a particular coffee bean.

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How To Optimize Coffee During Different Bean Raising Periods?

To induce the best flavor of old beans, you must correct and confirm the grinding thickness of the coffee and adjust the amount of powder used. The longer the beans are released, the more holes they will have, which means that when you grind these beans, they will disintegrate more easily, allowing hot water to dissolve the substance more easily. If the same grinding thickness is used to grind such old beans and fresh coffee beans, it may lead to insufficient extraction and make the washed-out coffee unpleasant.

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