3 Major Factors Affect The Taste Of Coffee

3 Major Factors Affect The Taste Of Coffee

The freshly roasted coffee beans will have a large amount of carbon dioxide inside the coffee beans due to the heat of the raw coffee beans, and the brewing state at this time can only be described as "unstable" (because when brewing, the combination of water and coffee powder will affect the release of coffee substances from the water due to the intense gas inside the coffee beans, causing a drop in coffee extraction).

It needs to be left for 1-2 days to expel excess gas and allow the coffee flavor to stabilize slowly before brewing. From the moment the coffee beans are roasted, their shelf life starts to count. Generally speaking, after the beans are roasted with ideal bagging, packaging, and sealing, they will have a shelf life of about six months in a dry and cool environment without being unsealed.

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In the case of unopened, coffee beans can have a shelf life of up to about six months, but once opened and used, in contact with a large amount of air, the aroma begins to quickly dissipate, the flavor also keeps oxidizing, it is recommended that you do not put in half a year, it is best to drink the best within a month of the date of opening if you buy a ground coffee powder, contact with the air area is much larger than the coffee beans, the deterioration of It is not durable storage, the faster you drink the better (some coffee shops, for fear of losing coffee flavor, will refuse to help customers grind coffee beans, and only sell coffee beans to customers who have a bean grinder).

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Coffee Flavor Loss Of The Three Major Killers

Factors that affect the preservation of coffee included.

1. Air

Coffee beans themselves contain oil, the heavier the degree of roasting, the more obvious the situation of oil on the surface, these oils will be oxidized once in contact with the air, and then produce an oil consumption odor. Therefore, when preserving coffee beans, air must be avoided, by all means, sealed jars, and vacuum jars are to isolate the outside air, the commonly used preservation containers. (It is recommended that opaque sealed containers are preferred)

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2. Temperature

Sources of heat are the sun, lights, fire, etc., no matter what kind of heat, will accelerate the evaporation of aroma and oxidation of oil, so that the quality of coffee deteriorates at a faster rate, which is why the quality of coffee beans is more likely to change during the hot summer months. In order to avoid quality deterioration caused by high temperatures, be sure to choose a cool place to store coffee beans that are not exposed to the sun, not under direct light, and away from gas stoves and other sources of ignition.

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3. Humidity

The water content of freshly roasted coffee beans is very low because the water content of fresh beans is very low, so if the surrounding environment is more humid, the coffee beans will become hygroscopic, moisture and cause the water content to become high, the aroma and quality of the coffee will be quickly lost.

How To Properly Store Coffee Beans

Preserving coffee beans is not difficult at all, and the following principles can be mastered.

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After opening the coffee beans, make sure to store them in sealed jars, or use coffee bags with one-way exhaust valves. When buying, choose a small package, do not hoard beans, and drink as much as you can buy, it is recommended to buy only two weeks of consumption.

Whether the beans are opened or not, keep them in a cool, dry, ventilated place with no sunlight, light, and stable temperature and humidity.

Coffee beans are like other foods, no matter how well the preservation conditions are controlled, they still, brew as soon as possible.

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